Zeiss Jena Scope

The SSG 82 is normally equipped with a Zeiss Jena fixed 4 power riflescope, which is numbered on the bottom with the gun. It features a German #4 style reticle with a pointed centerpost at 9 o’clock and squared posts running towords the center at 3 and 6 o’clock. There are two knobs on the top, the frontmost adjusting elevation after loosening the screw in the center (clockwise is down, counter clockwise is up) and the rear adjusting focus freely. Windage is adjusted with two set screws on either side of the rear base. The quick-detach mounting system utilized allows the scope to be removed from the rifle by depressing the thumb tab on the rear base and rotating the scope 90 degrees counter clockwise. The scope can then simply be lifted out and can be replaced in the same fashion with no loss of zero. Many of these scopes came with clear plastic lens caps which are held in place by elastic bands on either side of the caps. The image produced by the scope is extremely clear and it gathers light surprisingly well for a 32mm objective. The body is covered in a tough epoxy type finish and seems to be quite sturdy. Although the scope is very useful and of high quality, it is not without its shortcomings. The focus does not seem to be particularly useful given the fact that the scope is low magnification and fixed power. Adjustments are tricky, as a little bit on either the windage set screws or the elevation knob transfer to quite a bit downrange. On my personal scope, turning the elevation knob just a few degrees moved my point of impact over a foot at 100 yards. These are small matters and don’t really affect the everyday use of the scope, however I do feel the low magnification is what keeps the rifle from its true accuracy potential. There are 6 power versions of this scope available.