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Here you can post your experiences with the SSG 82. It can be anything from ammo reviews, thoughts on the rifle, to modifications just as long as it has to do with the SSG 82.

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86 thoughts on “Your Experiences

  1. Wolf 60gr HP shoots excellent in my rifle. One hole groups at 50yds sighting it so far. The polymer coating is better than the lacquer of the dynamit nobel but I still lube the cases and try not to get the chamber hot.

  2. I have owned one since they were first available. It is a bueatifully made weapon and I have always figured that it was capable of shooting a lot better than than the 2MOA (which is probably right on with the RWS “special ammo”) but there is no easy/cheap way to reload for it. Hornady now makes Z-max cartridges that shoot sub minute out of my rifle. The Hornady ammo has steel case which is bittersweet: steel case sucks but the ammo is really cheap (for match ammo) and probably because the steel case. It shoots like it looks like it should shoot with that ammo. It is really cool and I like it. The action is more of a target action rather than a combat rifle action and is not really ideal for fast follow up shots. Also windage adjustment is difficult with its oudated scope mounting system. It is beautiful and I dig the scope for moving targets.

  3. Just picked up one of these on GB. Paid a little over 1200 but the thing is new in the original box. Even has the original scope box. Have not shot it yet and still don’t even have it in my possession since the CA folks want to wait 10 days to make sure I’m not a nut job. My scope is as described in this page, 4x in excellent condition. My scope is also numbered to the gun which seems like a plus. I’ll take it to the range shortly and post. Recommend someone start documenting serial numbers. I think mine is 7xxxx which seems higher than estimated production? More to follow!

  4. Mike again. I took mine out the other day and put twenty rounds through it. The scope has the pivot in mounts and I shot the rifle without bore sighting of any kind. Actually printed about 3 inches high and right at 100 yards without any tweaking what so ever. Using milsurp russian, consistently shot the 10 ring at 100 yards by compensating for the uncorrected error. Very fun to shoot. No extraction problems, Very gentle on the trigger. Nice rig. A keeper. Once I learn how to tweak the scope, I’ll dial it in and shoot two hundred plus yards and see where she prints.

  5. My rifle is in the 600 serial range and came with both the 4 power scope and a 6 power as well. I think the 4 power is numbered to the gun and the 6 is not. They are both marked “DDR” for east germany. I made a new trigger for the rifle as the original aluminum trigger was broken due to sideloading. They are not strong triggers because of the screw and slot in the upper section to allow the trigger to be moved forward or back for fitting. They can also be tilted in either direction to suit the shooter. The trigger can be adjusted for pull weight, overtravel and slack as well. I don’t recall any markings on my barrel but as its not in front of me I can’t say that for sure. My barrel does have the multiple flats common to the hammer forging process. The stock is honey colored and stippled on the forend and grip areas. They are neat rifles and while I haven’t fired mine I have fired others. Good ammo seems to allow them to be very accurate while bulk ammo packed for the AK74’s seems to be pretty bad accuracy wise. Steel cases aren’t bad for the gun and in reality they are actually better for extraction due to the better spring back of steel. The problem seems to be the laquer or other coating on the case which may stick the hot case in the chamber when the coating cools. I’ve made 3 or 4 extractors for guys who had cases stick in the chamber and smacked the bolt handle rather than using a cleaning rod to knock the stuck case out.


  6. God day from germany:-)
    i call the 0664 my own and i´m very proud to get one. if anybody need´s help our spareparts what ever, give me a yell

    regards from germany

  7. I have an SSG-82 that I purchased back around 1990. The trigger is excellent. Mine has visible cold hammer forged markings on the barrel & a 4x scope. I also purchased (1000) rounds of the RWS Dynamit Nobel ammo. Without firing, the RWS ammo cycles through the action without issue. However, when fired, the cases consistently stick and are a real pain to extract. Accuracy with the RWS ammo was around 2″-3″ at 100 yards. I say “was” because I will no longer shoot the RWS ammo through my SSG. I still have several hundred rounds of this ammo sitting around. Instead I am using Silver Bear and the new Hornady V-MAX ammo. Neither of these rounds stick in the chamber. Accuracy with the Silver Bear is comparable to the RWS, but the Hornady ammo is notibly more accurate than the others, bringing the average groupings to 1.5″-2″ at 100 yards. This is more than likely due to the consistency in projectiles and production, as compared to former Soviet Bloc manufacturers. Granted the Hornady ammo is more expensive, but before it became available I was seriously considering selling the rifle. I have since reconsidered. I wish there was a way to put a different scope on the rifle. I’m certain that mounting a good quality scope with finer crosshairs and higher magnification would bring the capability of this rifle well into 1″ (or better) accuracy.

  8. I do enjoy mine, when it extracts the spent casings. Nice balance and weight. Like the ability to go to Academy and get ammo with no worries. Definitely looking forward to taking it to the range this weekend.

      • My brother bought one at least 15 yrs ago in NC…I just bought from him…it is a very nice rifle…still have some brass cased RWS ammo…will order and try some of the Hornady ammo….will post s/n later….Thanks for info…

  9. Hello SSG82 community,
    I am from germany and I live near the factory.
    I collect all stuff and documents from the rifle and I NEED YOUR HELP for the first complete documentary!
    Make photos from your rifle and all equipment you have inlcuding original boxes etc. Write me all details you know!
    Please contact me !
    Everything will be published in a book if you want this!

  10. I recently purchased a SSG-82 SN 0017 recently. The extractor pin was damaged and would not extract a shell. A local Gunsmith machined a Sega AR-15 extractor pin and it now extracts shells. The stock has a crack and has been dyed green. I would like to find a source for replacement parts. The rifle shoots fine and as special interest to me as I was in the Berlin Brigade.
    Mike Rutherford

  11. I have owned my SSG82 for about ten years now. Mine would appear to be the later model with the hammer forged barrel with external tiny flats around it and the varnished honey colored stock. I have never experienced any problems with extraction and have only shot steel lacquered Russian ammo through it. I have two lots of ammo, one lot uses a 53 grain bullet and the other lot a 70 grain bullet. Both are about 2.5 MOA in my rifle. I bought a set of reloading dies in 5.45×39 from RCBS shortly after I received the SSG82. I began experimenting by pulling the Russian factory bullets and replacing them with .223″ Sierra Match King bullets, 52 grain Match King to replace the original 53 grain bullet and 69 grain Match King to replace the original 70 grain bullet. Doing that alone shrunk groups down to consistent .75 MOA in my SSG82. Then I tried dumping out the Russian ball powder and replacing it with a suitable charge of Vihtavuori N135 powder and topping that off with a Sierra 69 grain Match King bullet. That load will group consistently in the .5 MOA range (all groups are 5 shot groups). Now, before anyone tells me I am crazy because the 5.45×39 has smaller bore dimensions than the 5.56 NATO round, I know that. I shoot long range Palma 800, 900, & 1000 yard competition with my 7.62 NATO chambered target rifle. Palma shooters have for years been building their 7.62 rifles with .3065″ barrels even though the typical bullet is .308″ diameter. So do not fear, your SSG82 will not blow up in your face if you load some ammo with .223 bullets. Just make sure the bullet you are replacing is heavier than the bullet you are replacing it with and keep your wits about you when working up loads. I use the same loads in my S&W AR15 chambered in 5.45×39 but the chamber spec is a little different from the SSG82 and requires that I seat the Match King bullets a little deeper in the case, otherwise the loads are identical and show a definite improvement in group size over the standard Russian ammo.

    I was really pleased to find this web site.


      • Rob,

        I’m using the standard 4×32 Zeiss Jena scope that came with my rifle. If you’re wondering how I can achieve consistent .5 MOA five shot groups with such a scope, it’s because I have been precision shooting for over twenty five years, 12 of those years I lived on and managed the local 60 acre public shooting range outside of Boise, shot nearly every day in one discipline or another. I have a lot of trigger time from both the bench and from prone positions, I have a great bench rest setup (front bench rest Hart tripod and rear bag). But suitable targets make a big difference. One has to use targets suitable to the scope magnification. In my case 200 yard NRA High Power targets allowed me to get a consistent hold on the bottom of the 10 ring when used at 100 yards.


  12. Don, Thanx for the response. You’re right, i was wondering how one could achieve that kind of precision shooting with that scope. For me the weak link for precision accuracy is the scope. Have you ever tried the Hornady V-MAX factory loads? I’d be curious what kind of performance they are capable of on this platform from a skilled shooter.


    • Rob,

      No, I have not tried the Hornady V-Max loads. Can’t find then in stock in my area. Wish I could because I would like to try them to see how they stack up against my reloads with Sierra Match Kings.


  13. Rob,

    I have not tried the Hornady V-MAX load as of yet. I hope to do so this spring (if I can find it considering the current anti-gun climate/buyer frenzy going on).

    My life has been turned upside down over the last year and a half. I have had little time for shooting. My Dad passed away late March of 2011. I retired late April of 2011. Since than I have spent the last year and a half driving back and forth between Lake Tahoe, NV. and Boise, ID. (8 hour drive one way) tending to my 87 year old Mom. We (the wife an I) spent the last four months at Mom’s house in Tahoe taking care of her until she passed this past September, then it was a case of making her arrangements and then settling her estate. Hopefully my life will get back to normal this spring and I can do more testing/range time with my SSG82 and several other firearms I want to spend time with.

    I did have on experience with the SSG82 while living on and managing the 60 acre shooting range. The wife called out that there was a badger in the front yard so I grabbed the SSG82 as the first rifle at hand and stepped out on to the porch. The lawn sprinkler was going and the badger was after the water (I live in a high desert climate but it is a desert climate i.e., very hot and dry in the summer). Badgers were a problem on the range so I never felt remorse shooting them, until this time. It was a baby badger trying to get to some water, still it was a badger. It was less than 15 yards out and I sighted in on it, held, and squeezed. OOPS! Forgot to take into account the scope’s near 2″ rise above the barrel (so the shot would be at least 2″ low at 15 yards). Instead of shooting the badger I shot its foot off… and then I realized I also shot a hole in the hose feeding the sprinkler. The badger, minus one front foot, ran around in circles with water now spraying everywhere, not only from the sprinkler but also from the .223 hole in the hose. One more round from the SSG82 aimed two inches higher dispatched the badger but the 100 foot hose was wasted. LOL!


  14. Just received my ssg 82. Have not shot it but would love to know if there is a data base on this site that allows one to register the rifle. If so what is the procedure. Also a solid recommendation on ammo is needed. Tnks Curt

  15. Anyone making Brass 5.45 yet? I have tried the V-max bullets. They shoot a lot more accurate than the RWS that was supposedly made for this rifle. The quality and the craftsmanship of this rifle makes me believe that it should easily be a sub minute gun with the right ammo or hand loads. .

  16. I had been looking for one of these for a few years and just found one. I found it in the back room of a pawn shop with no magazine, no scope, and no safety. It has never been fired. I got a couple magazines and I found a guy to make me a picatinny rail, it should be done in a couple weeks but I would like to find an original scope eventually.

    • I am interested in a picatinny rail for my SSG82. Does the guy you found do this commercially? Or at least be willing to make another? I would definitely be his next customer.

      • Don, the picatinny rail for SSG82 has not yet been made available by the company referenced above. They probably have reconsidered due to the limited customer base for such an item.

  17. Rob,

    I emailed them and got a response. The gent said they suffered the death of one of their key executives and are trying to recover and that they are way behind schedule on everything they make but they are still working on bringing the rail to production. I can understand that kind of setback in a small company. It behooves us to keep contacting them to let them know we are interested and will pass their product on to others with a like interest.


  18. I own rifle Nr.1017 and am quite fond of the little thing, but this was not always so.
    I acquired the rifle from the first U.S. owner when it was already on it’s second extractor—a locally made replacement—which flew away into the tall grass after the third shot of my second range test. (RWS ammunition)
    J.D.Jones at SSK Industries installed an AR 15 extractor at a reasonable price and this has made it possible to relax and try the rifle for real. This modification was posted in the Sniper Rifle Forum at Gunboards and is probably still in archive there.
    I got a little heat from the utterly anal collectors—but this was of no consequence.
    Accuracy testing of 5.45 has not been seriously tested with this rifle, but it seems to like Soviet Factory 3, 270 and 538 surplus and Silver Bear commercial loads. I also got very good results with some Wolf Military Classic 70 grain—the stuff with “WOLF” at 6 o’clock of the headstamp, not the damned Ulyanovsk production, which comes in an identical box but has the tractor factory’s logo at 6 instead.

    One shot, one kill on Barbasol shaving cream cans at 200 meters, is the best I can report at this time.

  19. The link you provided is essentially useless. It is a link to the forum but who has time to wade through all the various Russian sniper rifle posts? Can you provide a more specific and direct link to the message you are referring to?


  20. Hi guys
    I just acquired my SSG82, and have a couple of questions. 1st, the safety is not rotating fully into “safe” mode. Is there some trick to getting this to happen, or am I looking at a repair? If so, any suggestions on what? Where can I locate an English manual for this weapon? Rest of the rifle looks great, clean bore, bolt, & chamber. all nice. Few scuffs on stock, but nothing serious. Scope is clear and solid. Looking forward to a little range time, plan to try the Hornady.

  21. Hello SSG82 community,
    I am from germany and I live near the factory.
    I collect all stuff and documents from the rifle and I NEED YOUR HELP for the first complete documentary!
    Make photos from your rifle and all equipment you have inlcuding original boxes etc. Write me all details you know!
    Please contact me !
    Also let me know who has a serial nr lower 101!
    Everything will be published in a book if you want this!

  22. Just an update. Rifle was excellent on the range. Fired Hornady, Wolf, WPA, Red Army Standard, and Silver bear, all @ 100 yds. Only Silver Bear did not result in a stuck case. Used a cleaning rod to push out the sticking cases, preserving the extractor. The Silver Bear also had better groupings, although the others were not bad. 1 mag of SB had 4 touching with 1 round about an inch hi & left(probably the shooter). All in all, an excellent shooter! SN 18xx, matching # 4 x scope. Safety problem mentioned above was over adjusted trigger, simple fix.

    • I ordered two of them two weeks ago and received them today. They are for real. New mags in cosomline. Last mag I was able to find cost me $70. Get these while you can.

  23. Would one of you guys mind measuring the dia. of the barrel at the muzzle and chamber end? I have an idea for a build involving a mini- mauser receiver and a Suhl target stock.

  24. .925″ at the breech end and .760″ at the muzzle end. Both are external measurements taken from the barrel outside diameter just forward of the receiver and at the muzzle.



  25. My only question would be why? SSG82 barrels are very Rare. Mini mauser actions are a dime a dozen. Suitable barrels can be found nearly anywhere. Why would you waste such a rare barrel on a rather simple build?

  26. Patrick,
    I am not sure what you said means. It may be a language misinterpretation or misunderstanding on my behalf. Please forgive me.


  27. Patrick,

    Your English is much better than me in your language. I guess I am not understanding your original question. Do you have an SSG82 barrel that you want to modify to fit another action/receiver?


  28. Serial number 0020 checking in.
    I bought it a few years ago. It looked unfired when I got it. I’ve since modded it quite a bit. I’ve stripped the wood, burn-stippled the grip areas and completly refinished the stock. I’ve had the action bedded, the barrel threaded for a silencer and I’ve replaced the scope with a modern 3-15x. It has the most ergonomic stock of any of my rifles. The guys at Suhl did a great job. It is a shame they didn’t import more of them!

    • No one, to the best of my understanding, has ever seen a non hammer forged barrel on an SSG82. Do you have information that is different?


    • No, mine is completely smooth. It does not appear to have any hammer forging marks as I’ve got on my russian biathlon ko-7-2 (which also has a hammer forged barrel).

    • That’s the same as I mean. Cold hammer forged barrels are easy to identify. I simply meant I have never seen nor head of an other than cold hammer forged barrel on an SSG82.


    • Patrick,

      Please tell me what you know about the “Switzerland model.” This is the first I have ever heard of them. What makes such a model unique or different compared to the East German SSG82?



  29. Hello,
    some call the SSG-82 as “Steyr SSG-82” or switzerland model SSG-82, because the barrel has the same cold hammer forging markings as Steyr rifles! Some people think that the GDR was not able to produce such high quality barrels!
    Fact is that the East German “VEB Ernst Thälmann” in town Suhl bought two cold hammer forging machines from GFM to build such barrels! Also the Sowjets bought a lot of this machines, please have a look on former secret classified documents from the CIA:

    Some people think that the first 100 pieces of the SSG-82 barrels came from Steyr, because the first SSG-82 don’t have a barrel with hammer markings outside!

    So there was never a Steyr or switzerland Model of the SSG-82 – this is just wrong! The GDR made their own high quality barrels…and still produce them NOW, but no 5,45×45 😀

  30. Hi new to the sight just have a question had anybody refinished or touched up a stock on these rifles? Mine has finish wear and I would like to fix it anyone use any wood stain if so what color brand? Thanks.

    • I have. I stripped the stock bare using chemicals then washed it, and repeated the process a few times until no more color would come out. After a few days of drying I burn stippled the grip and foreend using a 60W soldering iron and then refinished it with Fromby’s Tung Oil. Adding a layer of Fromby’s per night, it took close to a month to complete. This keeps the natural look of the beech wood — not the orange look comes from the factory’s shellac. Mine turned out stunningly beautiful and revealed flecks and detail in the wood not visible before.

  31. Hello SSG friends,
    I will publish a book about the SSG-82 with the history and technical details about it. I want to know If it is useful to print a english Version!ß What do you think, is there a market in the US???
    Thanks for answer!

    • In spite of the low number of SSG 82 riles in the USA I am rather certain that there are more of them in the English speaking world than just the USA. So, yes, I think an English version would be welcomed. I assure you I will buy at least two copies myself, as a USA citizen and SSG 82 owner. One to pass on if I sell my SSG 82 and one to keep in my library. Information on the SSG 82 is very difficult to find. And there are others out there that may not currently own an SSG 82 but know about them and would like to, and will certainly want, to know more about them. I own a lot of books on historical firearms, firearms I do not own but am interested in their history I. E., no way I could ever afford a genuine original Colt Walker Model 1847 revolver but I own several books on them. Same with the Colt 1836 Patterson revolver, the Colt 1851 Navy revolver, and the Colt 1873 revolver.

      The SSG 82 is still affordable, so to speak. Granted they are becoming very difficult to find in original condition, thanks in part, to thoughtless .22lr bench rest shooters who sought to modify them for their sport. Can’t fault them for that because the SSG 82 is such an excellent platform for such modification… if one totally ignores its historical significance.

      So yes, please do an English version. It will be a piece of history.


  32. Anonymous,

    Historians don’t do their research and publish books in hopes of being best sellers. They do it to document the historical significance of their work, the work they are publishing.


  33. Hello,
    copy of the original manual is available for 11 $ plus shipping from Germany.
    – German language, A5 format, 16 pages, 8 black/white pictures.
    – Contact:
    – Subject SSg-82 Manual

    English version is under construction, but difficult to translate :-/ .

  34. hey If anyone has a SSG 8s for sale or a couple ssg 82s please call me at 520-425-0635. I am very interested in early serial number ssg 82.

  35. Just picked up a SSG-82 shoots very well…with silver bear..Mexican match.. a very cool rifle.. has a few mods to the stock ie. sling swivels hogged out and looked to be refinished at some point… missing the safety and I don’t think the # scope matches serial #.. but I don’t mind It’s a shooter and not a collector..item to me… will test my reloads and stuff in it.. I may get a rail made for it and put a target scope at some point…

  36. Hello, just picked up S.N. 190X. Nice rifle. I got it for $1200 at a local gunshop, then checked GunBroker – the last two went for over $3000, with one going for $3476 with 56 bids!

  37. I have Ssg-82 number 235. If anyone would be interested, I would consider selling it. However it should be know that it does not have its original scope. Email me at make me in offer or just ask for pics.

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