Dynamit Nobel Ammunition

Dynamit Nobel ammunition by RWS was usually sold with the rifles at the time of their import in 50 round red and gray cardboard boxes, and are stamped “RWS” and “215” on the head. This particular load utilizes a 59 grain hollowpoint bullet featuring a hollow nose cavity, lead core, and copper alloy jacket. It is propelled by roughly 20 grains of fine ball powder of varying sizes. Cases are berdan primed and of lacquered steel construction. This ammunition is widely regarded by many to not only be the most accurate ammo in the SSG 82 rifle, but to be the highest quality factory production 5.45×39 ammo on the market. I myself was easily able to acquire sub-MOA groups using this load and the original rifle setup. Unfortunately it is no longer produced so locating a source of it is difficult and it is usually 4 to 5 times more expensive than bulk military ammo.